T-code password red envelope

The function of T password is to transfer the assets in the wallet by generating T password and exchange T password. The whole process is to decentralize the service. Every time a T password is generated and a T password is converted, the transfer process is completed, so a little TTT is consumed as fuel.

A t-password is a 16-character password, which is just each of the generated t-passwords (t-password 1, t-password 2... T password 100) and a fixed mnemonic need to continue to generate the corresponding root private key (root private key 1, password 2... The root private key 100), and the root private key derives the corresponding address (address 1, address 2... Address 100), when the user changes the T password, the assets of the derived address will be transferred to the wallet address (address a, address b... Address 100) inside.


The purse in making location: https://github.com/trustnote/trustnote-wallet

More examples, the source code in: https://github.com/TrustNoteDevelopers/samples